The importance of hand sanitizers has become more than obvious around the world in terms of preserving many lives in the last year and a half. Where do you think the hygiene sector will go from here?

The hand sanitizer market has already undergone major changes in the last month. A year ago, all products were sold out in one go. Especially in the retail sector, many service providers wanted to offer disinfectants with hand sanitizers for their customers and employees and were desperate for solutions. To alleviate this bottleneck, the WHO issued a formula for the production of hand sanitizers, which suddenly allowed everyone to mix disinfectants. Many companies that previously had nothing to do with this topic have started producing hand gels. Among them are distilleries, which also deal with alcohol, which is the active ingredient in hand sanitizers, but in a different form.

What were the consequences?

As a result, there is a fairly large amount of nameless cleaners on the market that can be disinfected, but not always. Products are often sticky, smelly or have other imperfections. In the worst case, customers who do not want to use these unpleasant products simply refrain from hand disinfection, which is counterproductive. We now have the task of educating service providers in retail, hospitality and many other sectors about the importance of offering a good hand sanitizer. Its effectiveness should be scientifically proven, and the gel should be pleasant to use and have caring properties.

Speaking of gastronomy, it’s very detrimental to the user experience here if you use a mediocre hand sanitizer that leaves a greasy film on your skin and emits an unpleasant odor that constantly blows out of your nose as you eat right?

This is a very important item. Anyone who offers food preparation services must think holistically. Meals and staff can be good. But if the caterer saves on hygiene, it negatively reflects on his image. The client has a feeling that security savings have been made – that’s not good. When providing the service, everything must be in order – from A to Z.

Do you think that the awareness of the importance of hygiene will remain in the future?

Consumers will be more sensitive to hygiene – that’s for sure. A survey of the hotel industry conducted by Hospitality Net together with Knowingly Market Research clearly shows that the issue of hygiene is now on everyone’s mind. The survey found that more than 80 percent of survey participants planning a trip in the coming months will pay more attention to hygiene offerings. This includes, for example, clearly visible health and hygiene protocols in toilets and hand sanitizers at entrances and exits and in restaurants. The need for security is so deeply rooted that over 57 percent of all respondents would pay more for travel if hygiene levels are appropriate.

Let’s stay on the journey for a moment. The question that is currently in the minds of consumers who are now going on vacation: how to protect yourself on the road? Railway stations, airports, public toilets and rest areas – all these are places where microbes multiply. Is there a solution to this?

A solution has just been offered.

A 3 ml bag with PURELL hand sanitizer gel will soon appear, perfectly suitable for single use. It is intended for airlines, railway stations or restaurants, etc. who want to provide their guests with small bags. Using this convenient format will add extra security while on the go.