Montenegro has one of the most beautiful untouched natures, therefore, 30 years ago it became an ecological country. As its inhabitants, we continue to advocate for its preservation and survival, both for us and for future generations.

In addition to the ISO 14001 standard, the Surfmont company has recently included Sustainability in its business policy.
Extreme climatic events, the loss of biodiversity resulting from global warming, the reduction of the ozone layer, warn us that it is necessary to act responsibly towards the environment and to implement sustainable development measures. In cooperation with our suppliers, well-known European brands (Tork, Ecolab, Katrin, Vileda, Ada) who are certified sustainable producers, we provide customers with the availability of sustainable products. Therefore, our goal is to offer, explain and prioritize the use of sustainable products to our customers.
Surfmont provides its employees with employment in accordance with the Montenegrin labor law. We strengthen diversity, equality, respect human rights.

We support local humanitarian organizations and employee engagement.
We invest in employee development:
– Applying the motivation and reward system
– We provide employees with safety and health at work
– We invest in employees by creating jobs, training and improving.
We believe that it is possible to operate responsibly towards society and the environment, and at the same time be a competitive and profitable company. Consumers recognize quality and socially responsible companies. Our goal is to build stable and long-term relationships with all customers.